Bree's Character


Female Druid, follower of Obad-Hai making her alignment neutral.p. Height: 5’3”p. Weight: 118 lbs.p. Age: 110p. HP: 12p. pale skin, dark maroon hair, light lavender eys with dark purple outer rim.p. STR: 12+1p. DEX: 20+5p. CON: 16+3p. INT: 16+3p. WIS: 18+4p. CHA: 14+2p. Languages: common, elven, druidic, sylvan, undercommon, aquanp. Animal Companion: Sol the male wolfp. HP: 13p. Touch AC: 12 Flat footed AC: 12 AC: 14p. STR: 13p. DEX: 15p. CON: 15p. INT: 2p. WIS: 12p. CHA: 6p.



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